About Us

Where we live. New Zealand

Christensen's. 5 of us. 4 left home, just me now.
Rhondda has passed away on 29th of March.

Ria, is a mum to son Sean, and daughter Jade.
Alan got married to Katherine, on the 8 April 2006, they are living in the UK.
Timothy and Joel are at Uni in Hamilton.

Mangakino Gospel Chapel. Some times go to the Gospel Chapel in Taumarunui. Turangi Maori church. And some times go to a Bapitst afternoon service in Taumarunui.
Boys have been mainly home schooled.
Left the farm.
Living in Mangakino.
Mowing lawns, and farm work. Joel's been helping me.
Have many books and audio tapes, and some CDs.
Children went to Awana at church. The old chruch we went to church was started by an USA pastor.
We mainly listen to Christian radio program, Radio Rheama.
We don't watch much TV. Watch some videos.
Timothy's scanned a lot of our photo's onto the computer.

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