wonderful testimony from Iain Dickson's Testimony

wonderful testimony from Iain Dickson

Here is a wonderful testimony from Iain Dickson, the Presbyterian Minister at St Andrew in Mt Maunganui in Tauranga


Iain has been going door to door around his neighbourhood next to his church giving the gospel (Acts 1:8).

We were told by Jesus to focus on our Jerusalem first, so this is what Iain is doing.

He is also now training others in his church to go with him.

This is also biblical. Jesus said �make disciples� and by taking others and showing them how to do it, this is what Iain is doing.

The following is his latest update from:

�Here is a short testimony of going door to door in our neighbourhood. 10 weeks ago I took a survey (click here to see one) and went door to door through a Retirement Village next to our church.

Many were interested in our church rebuild and had lots of questions for me. The survey was an excellent tool to profile the church and introduce God into the discussion.

The last question asks if they would be interested in a personal relationship with Christ � Yes, No, Maybe, Not Sure?

For example, Out of 12 people I talked to, 6 responded positively and invited me inside their homes to talk about it further.

After giving a clear explanation of the gospel, I asked if there were any reason not to surrender their life to Christ. They each couldn�t think of anything and responded by repenting and turning to Christ.

I then gave a pamphlet of our church services and activities and invited each one to attend our Sunday morning church service. However, only 1 person has become a regular attender.

7 week later, I revisited our new church disciple, and asked if she would be willing to host a 6 week discipleship group in her home titled, �Christianity Explained�. She agreed.

I then asked an Elder, who also lived in the retirement village, to help co-lead this study and accompany me as I re-visited the 5 others who had made a response to Christ, to join the new discipleship group.

They all said they would.

We had our first bible study this afternoon, and each one is looking forward to the next one.

Hopefully by week 6, they will all be regular attenders to St Andrew�s church.

Attached is Steve Gibb�s guide (Steve is one of the coaches working with Julian Batchelor at Evangelism Strategies International) in door to door and how to go about it.

Also the two surveys that I used and the visitation details by streets. I hope you find them useful.

Acts 5:42 reads, �Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they (the apostles) never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus in the Christ�.�

Iain Dickson
St Andrew�s Presbyterian Church
Mount Maunganui
Wk: 07 575-9347
Hm: 07 542-4681
Cell: 0274 575 849
E: iainstas@maxnet.co.nz

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