sherrie everett's Testimony

sherrie everett

We just wanted to encourage all who are reading these posts to make it a daily, hourly commitment to do the Lords work and if your already doing this then PRAISE GOD, keep up the good work.
we are a family of 6. My husband works as a storeman and is continualy witnessing, i love to talk about his day and find out what the Lords been up to.
I am a stay at home mum. we have 4 children Nicole 9, Kedesh 7, Miriam 5, Joseph 3.
On friday nights we go into the city of Melbourne and street preach and witness one on one and hand out heaps of tracts. Most times the older 2 children come with us and they hand out more tracts and CD's than us. They will also talk to people one on one when they are having a rest.On Saturdays we go to a local town and preach near the markets or in the open mall area. ALl the children come when we do this, and they all hand out tracts even our 3 year old. They are so awsome to watch. Our joseph will follow them until they take the tract and will walk in front of them to get there attention. Kedesh is a fire brand, when we were in the city a group of green haired, black wearing, body pierced semi punks came into the area. He went straight over and stood on the outside of the group and held a tract into the middle, they seen him and took the tract then he walked to the other side and gave one of the other members a tract as well. No FEAR. what was surpprising was the young lady smiled and treated him very nice, not what i expected.. we must remember not to judge as i did that night.
I also go out Mon - Fir and letterbox drop between 100-250 tracts, Joseph comes with me for this.
We witness to most telephone marketers that phone as well as any door to door salesmen. We continualy hand out tracts no matter what we are doing. I never go out without having tracts on me and i try to make a rule that if i speak to someone then i will give them a tract.
Well many blessings to everyone who is listening to the cry of the Fathers heart for the lost.

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