THERE IS HOPE! tract gospel's Testimony

THERE IS HOPE! tract gospel

By choosing to live without God�s
loving rule over our lives we
separate ourselves from Him. We
also run the risk of terrible
consequences after death...a
permanent separation from God in
God does not want anyone in hell.
He wants all people to turn to Him
so they can receive His forgiveness
and experience the new life He
planned for them originally.
To make this possible God paid a
very high price...
The following are 4 reasons why you
should be hopeful about the future...
The following explains how you can
know Him for yourself.
1. You were created for a purpose by
a loving Creator.
2. God cares about what happens to
you in this fallen world and
wants to get your attention.
3. God has demonstrated how much
He loves you in an incredible way.
4. God offers you an opportunity
today to respond to Him.
The Bible teaches that God created all
things including you and me.
In the beginning theworld He created
was perfect (no pain, no war, no
suffering). His original plan for
human beings was that we would
know Him, live for Him on the earth
and enjoy being with Him in heaven
So why is it that most people are not
living the lifeGod intended for them?
�In the beginning God created...�
Genesis 1:1.
The Bible is clear that the reason we
don�t experience God�s blessings is
that we are guilty of rebelling
against Him and living life our own
way. The Bible calls this �sin�.
Not only are we guilty of breaking
God�s laws by our actions but also by
our thoughts and motives. Nothing
is hidden from God�s sight.
��all have sinned�' (Romans 3:23)
Examples of our rebellion may
include lying, stealing, blasphemy,
sex outside marriage, pride (thinking
we don�t need God)...the list goes on.

�God demonstrates His own love
toward us, in that while we were
still sinners, Christ died for us.�
(Romans 5:8).
God loves us so much that He sent
Jesus (the Son of God) to earth. Jesus
lived a perfect life then willingly
suffered and died on a cross for our
sin (we broke God�s law and Jesus
paid our fine). God then raised Him
from the dead three days later and
offers forgiveness (Jesus perfect
record) and new life to everyone.
However, this is not automatic, like
any gift, we must receive it.
If you have not received this gift then
talk to God today�admit that you
have offended Him by your attitudes
and actions, turn to Him and
surrender, ask Him to forgive you
and enter your life by His Spirit so
you can become the person He wants
you to be. Receiving forgiveness and
new life is the first step, for more
information please go to:
or contact:
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