Pastor Jacob's Testimony

Pastor Jacob

Testimony of Pastor Jacob JKM:

"The pure religion and undefiled before God and Father is this,
To visit the father less and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world." - James 1:27

Sharon Christian Ministries was started by Pastor Jacob JKM by the vision God given him from his sorrow and Agony he faced in his life.
I am Pastor Jacob JKM from a Christian family and youngest son of Abraham and Laeya. I am a cop by profession. I used to have all the hobbits of drinking and smoking as part of my job. In the year 1989 I loved a girl Mary and married her. after marriage also I didnít gave up the habit of drinking and I used to come to home late in the night in a unconscious position. But my wife Mary is a good believer and a very obedient girl to me. she spent all his time in prayers to change me, but the Satan in me doesnít allowed me to repent back to Christ. I used to take salary and directly go to a bar and spend there still midnight. Like that eight years passed away and we had three children. she used to spend all the time in prayer and caring his children. but I was in the same state of drinking and not caring the family. Under those situations she was attacked by brain tumor but she doesnít said that it to me. Gradually the dessise become savior and her health completely collapsed. and as a result she was died in Gandhi Hospital Hyderabad in 1999.
All her funeral was completed and I was alone in my home with my three children Vijay Prasad, Jessi Priyanka and Raihard Bankey.the youngest son was two years old by then . I and my wife went to the Gaspel meetings of international speakr Rainhrad Bankey. my wife was pregnant at that time and named the child as Rain Hard Bankey and dedicated him to the service. I never take care of those children while my wife was alive. After that in shock of her death he spent in the bed and spend all my time in prayers. one day while I was on bed I heard a voice saying the reference of james 1:27.and I opened my Bible and read the scripture. then his three children came to him in a very sad situation without proper food and with turned cloths. then I was Burst out into tears and went into unconscious state. In that state God who turned soul into paul spoke with me saying there are thousand of such children in India with out having food ro clothes as orphans. and to take care of those children and to come into full time ministry. from that day onwards I gave up all my worldly ways and going to the near by villages and meeting the people, preaching Gospel and sharing the vision God gave to me. after one month I started a home for such children who are in such a state of my own children. with my own salary and with the tithes of some colleges I am managing the home and now the strengths has grown to twenty five and as God placed more responsibility in my hart I am moving forward in the service of the orphan children by effectively utilizing the available little resources. In my five years of service God enabled me to start two churches in tribal areas and God by Gods grace many people in those areas accepted Christ as their personal savior leaving their worldly ways. Please pray for me and my ministry in India.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Jacob Jaya Kumar.

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