Panuwat Yoosakda's Testimony

Panuwat Yoosakda

Hi. My name is Panuwat Yoosakda. My nickname is Maew or Mango.
Before becoming a Christian, I was like an ordinary boy in Chiang Mai, Thailand, who drink, flirt around with girls, etc.

I was also in a gang. We fought with other gangs almost
every day. Friends and I usually had a party every Saturday.

I did that for a while until one day I didn't have any money to go party with them. I decided to call my Dad and told him a lie that I needed some money for some important thing.

Dad didn't have any money either, then he decided to call neighbor to borrow money for me. I used up all the money with alcohol with my friends.
My older sister, Nuttaya Yoosakda or "Milk", always warned me but it didn't stop me from doing all the bad stuff.
She, at that time was a new Christian, kept telling me about God and invited me to go to Church with her often. I didn't listen to what she said and always rejected her invitation every time.
One day she came up to me and invited me to go to a Christmas party at her church. I didn't know why but I went with her. And that very night made me want to give up all the worthless life styles of drinking, fighting and etc.
After the party, I walked up to see her and told her that I wanted give up my old life styles. After that night I kept going to church (TLC) almost everyday.

Later on I decided to be a Christian on 27th January, 2002.
My friends in the gang now are still having the same life styles. Some of them are addicted to drug, alcohol, cigarette and don't go to school.
Looking at their lives makes me so thankful that I decided to go to Christmas party that night.

Otherwise, my life would be as bad as my friends, or even

Everything I did with them before becoming a Christian was very fun but they made my life go down hill.
It's like walking on a road which takes a long time and long distant to get through it.

And one day I fell down and laid on the grown. May people walked by and offered no help, made me think should I remain laying down forever, not getting up to continue my walk.
But one day there were 2 hands pulled me up and wipe all the dirt on me away.
The dirt is like the sins on me. The very same hands pointed the way for me, I continued walking and now I'm still on that road.

That hands promised to always help me whenever I fall down and will clean me from the dirt.
I will not fall down again because I will walk on the road that God told me to and I will make it to the end of the road where I can Him.

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