Noha Halim's Testimony

Noha Halim

1st I want to say something maybe u'll find my story kinda small but I =
hope u could find some interest in it
2nd my name is Noha Halim , I'm from Egypt , I'm 18 years old , when I =
was young I used to go weekly to the Sunday church then when I was 12 =
I started to join some activities in my church like choir 4 instance .
Then when I become 17 I felt some boring from this activities I don't =
know what's happened but all I can remember that I drawn my self=20
Slowly from the whole church even the mass.
then at 18th June 2003 on the pal talk program someone appears to me =
called NiteOwlDave he started to talk with me about Jesus and how I =
should invite Jesus to my heart and how to accept him as my lord and =
savior and then he prayed with me
Then from this date I became a new Christian.
Really this day I was happy because I was in need of this much =85=85=85
Now I said this words because I know that I did the right thing ,
Finally I wanna thank u NiteOwlDave 4 all what u did to me and I wanna =
thank u too Neville Christensen because u let me write my story to ur =
God bless you all
Noha Halim

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