Naiza Fateh's Testimony

Naiza Fateh

My name is Naiza Fateh. I am christian by birth as I was born in a Christian family but my family was not religious and was not used to go to Chruch or pray regularly. I was riased up like this and life was normal for me. But everything changed for me when one of my friend took me to a Bible refelction program. i was a student of Intermediate that time and was 25 years old. After attending this program I realize that I am not living my life according to the God's plan for me. I realized that I am disobeying His commanments and this was very shocking for me. Then i tried to live according to the will of God and also shared this with my family.
Then I was invited to a prayer meeting by a group. A lady from Canada was leading the program. She stressed in her lecture that how much it is important to follow the commandments of God and what is the meaning and importence of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in our lives.
From the very day we started prayer meetings in our family and now I am a true chritian who try to do the will of God.

to see the meaning of our lives and what we are doing and how our lives are going One day I was inviteed by a group who condcuted a meeting
a lady from Canada she came to give us Bible study on our lioves
She stressed on her lecture to report on our sins
first time in my life i releiasex what is sin and i repented on my sinsand i was very much puzzled and upset
to refelct on my sins
and then repenetd on my sins and become Christians
and started my life as a christians and since then I am trying to follow what jesus Christ command us to do to build his kingdom.
your sister in christ

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