Jackie's Testimony


Well, for the past I don't know how many years I was practicing the Wiccan religion. I got into that just like most young teens do cause all of my friends were into it. Over the years I have learned to respect some of the simple things about being wiccan. One thing that I always loved about it was how they seemed to always find beauty in everything.

Then not to long ago I was watching a movie called "The Deep End of The Ocean" which has a wonderful actor in it named Jonathan Jackson. After I watched it I went on the net and started to look up web sites for him. I ran across his brother and his personal web site called "jackson-brothers.com" . There I found out that they had a band and got to listen to just previews of their songs. I liked what little I got to hear of them so I went on the search to find their songs on the net so I could hear the full version of their songs. I finally found them on MP3.com under Scarlet Road and Jono and The Rock.

As I listened to one of their songs called "Freedom Song" I realized that they were a Christian group. Keep in mind that being wiccan it wasn't normally something that I would listen to. As, I listened to this song there was this line in the song that just seemed to stand out to me. The line was " Roll away the stone your not dead anymore". Something about that line made me cry. It was almost like it was telling me that I'm not dead anymore, because for so many years I have felt so dead inside.

The more that I listened to this group the more I thought about my life and religion. I would listen to the passion and joy that this group put into these songs and their religion and thought I have never felt that way about anything. I then could not seem to stop thinking that something very important was missing in my life. This is how my search for God started.

I started to search around the net for information on God. The more that I would find out the more I felt that empty place in my heart and in my life fill up. So I then went on to pray to God and to ask him to come into my life and save me. It all seemed a little on the strange side to me cause I can't ever remember saying a prayer.

I know that all of this may sound weird, but when someone asks me how I found my faith in God I tell them it all started with a song called "Freedom Song".

I don't know if this is want you wanted or if there is more that you wanted to know, but here it is my story on how I found God and was saved. If you have any questions about anything just let me know and I'll try to answer them the best I can.


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