Great New Zealand Muster's Testimony

Great New Zealand Muster

Evangelising at the Great New Zealand Muster in Te Kuiti, 31 March, 2012

Every year in Te Kuiti, they have what�s called �The Great New Zealand Muster� and it attracts thousands of people to the town. They come to see a large mob of sheep run down through the main street. Last Saturday it was just as busy as ever. It was a great opportunity to proclaim the Gospel of Salvation to people everywhere. A site was booked in the main street of the town as a base to work from. Neville from Tokoroa arrived with his son Joel, plus 3 ladies, Vivian (first time on a flipchart), Ruth and another lady joined in. Cruise and Sarah arrived from Taranaki. Shane, Martin, Kevin and Peter from Hamilton came as well as Dacre and Ewan (Coordinator) from Cambridge. It was all hands on deck, as we gave out CD's & Gospel Leaflets, shared the Gospel one on one, used Flipcharts with small groups of people and did open air preaching to a large crowd. Don't be fearful, 'the righteous are as bold as a lion' (Prov 28 v 1 ) We had to get the 'Word" out on the street that people were like sheep prepared for the slaughter and to show them how they can be saved from sure death. Plenty of Gospel seed was sown. It's always a worthwhile exercise. Young people were prayed for. Please pray continue to pray for Ranee, TeRina and Roberta.

5 of us went from Tokoroa with flipcharts and gospel tracts etc to The Great New Zealand Muster 2012. Te Kuiti. 5 young ppl prayed to get saved 3 of them that u can pray for Ranee TeRina and Roberta 2 u could visit thanks

From Neville

Here is a quote by Charles Spurgeon on Open Air Preaching

One of the earliest things a minister should do when he leaves college
and settles in a country town or village is to begin open-air
speaking. No sort of defense is needed for preaching out of doors; but
it would need very potent arguments to prove that a man had done his
duty who has never preached beyond the walls of his meeting place.

From Ewan

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