I want to encourage people to come closer to Jesus to allow and to follow the Holy Spirit whom Jesus sent to help us to live our Christian life in victory and become more like Jesus. The Holy Spirit leads us to Jesus who is in the presence of the Father!!!

Picture with me if you will a father with his child in his presence, enjoying, blessing, encouraging, giving security and playing with the child. God is like this with us. He is not an absentee father, but nearer than we realise.

The aim, vision or goal for a Christian is to develop or build an intimate relationship with God. This means relying on God, trusting in Jesus and trusting in the Holy Spirit as He works in our life.

The Holy Spirit is an integral part of the Godhead, empowering, teaching and leading us to come closer and closer to Jesus.

What is happening in my life, what is happening in your life?

We are responsible for owning up to and dealing with situations, sins and problems etc in our own lives that is we can choose what we do about these things.

Sometimes God can use people to point things out to us, these people can have problems themselves and an initial reaction would be self defence and to throw the ball back into their court as it were and accuse them for those very same things. Do not worry, there is no need to so this because God will deal with them; we need to own up to our own situation and get our lives sorted out. Thank God He cares enough to use someone to help us by pointing out something to us so that we can deal with it and grow and progress in our Christian life.

None of us likes to be lectured or accused nor do we like to be challenged by having stuff pointed out from people who profess to be spiritual or “holier than thou” types for this will be coming from the head which is legalism instead of coming from the heart which is led by the Holy Spirit. God deals with us out of His love for us because He longs for us to be free of things which bind us up.

God’s way is not always a smooth easy path, there are many things happening, many obstacles and distractions along the way etc BUT these things make us turn to God for help, strength, comfort, advice etc or else we would be like a robot or a spineless jellyfish.

When God puts His finger on something it is not to make us feel worse but to set us free from something that is harmful to us.

God is not an absentee father as we know them to be. It is a bad father who closes hie eyes or turns his head away from anything bad harmful or sinful happening in the life of his child. He does not love that child if he does not intervene and help them to grow to be a mature adult.

We can still be secure in His love during correction, just because God does correct us it does not mean that he hates us or is rejecting us, He is perfecting us, and He wants the best for our life and to see us reach our full potential.

God’s correction is conviction which provides a solution and it is not condemning, critical, judgmental which is from the enemy and leads to death no way out.

Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; we are being indwelt and perfected by the Holy Spirit, perfected into the likeness of Jesus. The safest place for us to be is close to our Father God. He is encouraging, training, raising and “growing” us to be like Jesus. God is the best Father of all !!!!!!

We are not expected to nor can we even do it on our own, that is to grow and change from glory to glory, God provides everything we need to help us in this process of Christian life. He does not condemn us; he has good thoughts and plans for us.

As we hunger after Jesus and spend more time with Him we will be changed more and more to be like Him. A joy will begin to bubble up and burst forth from within us. This will give us more confidence and faith to trust Him. “The joy of the Lord is your strength ’’ This will cause us to want to worship and praise His name more.

My friends it is the prayer of my heart that you come to know this unexplainable joy that can be yours as you submit to God and allow Him to draw you closer. “We are as close to God as we choose or want to be” now that is a sobering thought isn’t it.

Closeness to Him is preparing us for our life in eternity with Him!!

Here are some scriptures for you to look up and think upon.

Romans 12: 1, 2

11: 18-22

John 15: 14-16, 26, 27

16: 1

Luke 24: 49

1 John 5: 6

My aim my desire is to encourage people to get closer, closer and go deeper with God with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, trust Him, thank Him, worship Him, obey Him.

Come into His presence with thanksgiving in your heart and give Him praise.

Enter into His courts with praise and be thankful unto Him.

If we show God that we mean business with Him and press into Him, spend more time with him, worshipping, praising, reading and talking with Him He will meet us and do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ever ask or even think. This is what He will do in us and through us!!!

Remember in the Bible, a verse which tells us about some people who said Behold these are unlearned and ignorant men but we can see they have been with Jesus. Let this be also true of us in our lives AMEN.

Dear friends please think over these words I have written and make it your business today to get closer to God and live for Him, He loves us and cares for us and is a loving Father. AMEN

God’s hand was on me all the way.

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