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Read this and print it out and share with others I used a hand flipchart that Gary Follower of Jesus gave me to talk to some young ppl on the street in Tokoroa on saturday one got saved reading part of a gospel booklet after the flipchart talk Get gospel booklets from here kiwitracts@clear.net.nz
See more here http://gospel-outreach.org/countries/nz-gospeltracts I have put some in emails and on my website too http://neville.christensen.org.nz/testimonies/index.php
Hi Nev,
revised script for 'Good person test'. It’s exciting to be part of what God is doing in the body of Christ today. My heart is to do the will of God - to seek & save the lost and equip others to do the same... (Make Disciples)... Over recent years I’ve been involved in proclaiming the Gospel message to hundreds of people and have seen people respond to Christ. These responses vary from a hearty thank you for sharing the Gospel message with them, to a hand shake or a hug with tears. People even get down on their knees on the street before God, repent of their sin and turn to the Lord, putting their faith in Christ's sacrifice alone for their salvation. We get very few negative responses. Praise God for His Mercy & Grace!
Our primary tool is a 670x600mm Flipchart on a stand, for none-confrontational street evangelism using 'The Good Person Test'. The Flipchart Gospel Presentation was developed for street evangelism work and uses pictures to present the gospel message.
‘The good person Test’ uses a balance of both Law and Grace. John MacArthur said, “God’s grace cannot be faithfully preached to unbelievers until His Law is preached and man’s corrupt nature is exposed. It is impossible for a person to fully realise his need for God’s grace, until he sees how terribly he has failed the standards of God’s Law.
It is impossible for him to realise his need for mercy, until he realises the magnitude of his guilt.” I have tried to craft the message so that it his more impact on the unsaved and false converts in the Church, so that it brings about a true conversion. It may seem like a long presentation when going through it, (presentations can normally vary from 5 minutes to 15 minutes) but one definitely doesn't have to take this long every time when presenting it. If a person can only spare 2 minutes of their time, it can be shortened to take only 2 minutes, as long as the basic points are covered.
There are slight variations in presentations between evangelists, but it is important that everything we share, when presenting the ‘Gospel of Salvation’ with people, has a Biblical basis. Each evangelist presents the flip chart in a way that reflects the salvation message best through their unique personality. One way is not superior to another. The power for salvation does not lie in the evangelist, but in the Gospel. (Rom 1:16)
The following is a sample of the basic outline and accompanying dialogue that is used by Ewan Hulse, when presenting the ‘The Good Person Test’.

Excuse me sir have you seen the good person test? (no I haven't, what's it all about?) It's the good person test, answer 4 easy questions honestly, would you like to give it a try? (does it cost anything) No, just have an open mind and a closed cheque book, would you like to give it a try ? (sure why not)
Hi Ewan’s my name, (hi I’m Joe) Joe do you consider yourself to be a good person? (yeah, yeah I’m a really good person) Well I’ve discovered that most kiwi’s, most people do consider themselves to be good people, however most of us differ as to the definition of the word ‘good.’ For example: a thief can say that he's good if he hasn't stolen something for a week, a rapist can say that he's good if he hasn't raped a women for a month, or a murderer can say that he's good if he hasn't murdered someone for a whole year. This man here, Adolf Hitler, the man who was responsible for murdering over 6 million Jewish people and about 30 million Russians thought he was a good person. So different people have their own ideas about what good is. Now there must be some sort of a standard, or benchmark that shows us what good is. The Oxford dictionary defines the word ‘good,’ as meaning to be morally excellent and also have you heard of the 10 Comms? (yeah I have) The 10 Comms is God’s standard of goodness. So to help you to have understanding about what good is, I’m going to ask you a few questions, using the Comms to see if you are a good person and also to see if your good enough to go to heaven after you die and no doubt you’ve wondered what happens after you die and if there is a heaven whether your good enough to go there? (Yeah I was thinking about that the other day) So do you want to carry on (sure why not)
Let’s look at some of God’s Law and see how you do. The 9th Comm it says, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” So I’m asking you, how many lies have you told in your life? This includes fibs, half truths, white lies and exaggerated claims. (heaps, too many to count ) You know you could have a great future in politics did you know that? So what does that make you if you tell a lie? (Not a good person) In this picture there are two images, you probably see a person’s face, but if you turn your head sideways to the right, it spells a word, L-I-A-R. liar. Pretty cool isn’t it. (wow that is pretty cool) So if you tell one lie, then by the definition of the word, it makes you a (liar) liar. That’s right.
Next question.
The 8th Commandment says, ‘You shall not steal.’ Ever stolen something that belongs to someone else, irrespective of its value, even if it’s only small? (not that I can think of) It doesn’t matter whether it’s a ball point pen, a paper clip, failing to put money in a parking meter, not returning a library book. I mean the value of the item stolen is totally irrelevant. (well I did steal some sweets off my little sister once when I was a kid.) So what does it make you if you steal something? (a stealer) I'll give you a clue, it's a word that has 5 letters in it and it begins with the letter ‘T’…… T-H-I-E-F, (thief) that’s right.
Next question. The 3rd Commandment says ‘You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.’ Ever used God or Jesus Christ’s name as a curse word to express disgust? You probably have at some stage in your life it’s very common. (Yes I have) So do you think that God would be offended by that? (possibly) I mean just think about it, God our Creator’s given you life, He’s lavished He’s goodness upon you, He’s given you eye’s to see with, a brain to think with, taste buds to enjoy good food with, ears to hear with and you’ve brought His name down to the level of a curse word to express disgust, you’ve dragged His name through the mud, you’ve used His name in blasphemy and the Bible says that ‘the Lord will not hold them guiltless, who takes His name in vain’.
Next question.
The 7th Commandment says ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ Now you know it’s wrong to commit adultery and have sex before marriage don’t you? (yes) This is a personal question you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to, but have you ever had sex before marriage, or sex outside of marriage? (yes) If you have, you’ve committed fornication or adultery. It’s unlawful sex as far as God is concerned. But guys listen to what Jesus said of that Comm., this is the one that blow me out of the water, Jesus took it a step further and said, ‘Whoever looks at a women to lust after her, has committed adultery already with her in his heart.’ So have you ever done that? (Yeah plenty of times) I mean what normal warm blooded New Zealand male with a beating heart hasn't done that. If we have lust in our hearts, God considers us to be adulterers. Sin is so serious, Jesus said that it would be better to be blind, than to go hell because of a lustful eye. We'll do on more shall we? (might as well we’ve come this far)
The 6th Commandment says
, ‘You shall not kill.’ This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t step on an ant or kill a mosquito or something, it means that you shouldn’t take the life of another human being. Now you’d think you’d be safe from that one wouldn’t you? Ever murdered anybody lately? (no, I’m definitely safe from that one) But Jesus said ‘if you get angry without cause you’re in danger of judgment’ and the Bible also says, ‘Whoever hates his brother is a murderer.’ God considers hatred to be the same as murder. So if you have ever had hatred, or unforgiveness towards someone, you’ve committed murder in your heart. God doesn’t simply judge our outward actions, He knows the thoughts and the intentions of the heart. Now I’d hate to think what’s coming out of this guys mouth, someone’s just cut him off on the road and he’s probably calling someone a moron, a fool or an idiot or something, but Jesus said ‘If you merely call someone a fool you’re in danger of hell fire.’ That’s pretty heavy isn’t it? So have you ever called someone a fool? (yes I have)
So Joe since you've said ‘Yes’ to these questions and you’ve violated God’s Comms, then you’re not a good person you’re like the rest of us, me included and by your own admission, I’m not judging you, by your own admission, you’re a lying, thieving, blasphemous, murdering, adulterer at heart and we’ve only looked at 5 of the 10 Comms. So that’s how God sees you. Now compared to some people you may think you’re a saint, well that’s probably true, but the standard is God’s law not other people and besides even if you sin, just 7 times a day in word thought or deed, in one year, that’s 2556 sins you’ve committed, and if you live to be 70 years of age you would have broken God’s law almost 180,000 times. The Bible says that ‘the eyes of the Lord are in every place keeping which on the evil and the good,’ ‘there is nothing in all of creation that is hidden from God’s sight’ and you have to face a Holy God on the Day of Judgment.
The Bible says, that ‘it’s appointed unto mankind once to die, but after that the Judgment,’ which means that there is no such thing as purgatory or reincarnation. So ‘God has appointed a day, in which He’ll ‘judge the world in righteousness’ and on that day ‘God will bring every work or deed into Judgment, including every secret hidden thing whether it’s good or evil and He will even judge our words and our thoughts.’ So you have a multitude of sins and you’ll have answer for every sin on Judgment Day, when the Bible says, ‘each of us, will give an account of himself to God.’ So if God judges you by the standard of the 10 Comms. on the Day of Judgment, will you be innocent or guilty of breaking God’s Law? …… (Guilty) …… that’s right if you listen to the voice of your conscience, you know you’d be guilty like all the rest of us and this is in fact what the Bible says and if you claim to be innocent you’re calling God a liar. So would you go to Heaven or Hell? That’s the million dollar question. Would you go upstairs or downstairs? ....... Some say Heaven, some say Hell and some aren’t sure. Well let me just try and reason with you for a few moments. Since God our Creator is holy, pure, perfect, righteous, just and good, He can’t just let lawbreakers off without punishment, only a corrupt judge would do a thing like that. A good judge would bring down the gavel and say ’justice demands that you pay for your crimes.’ A good judge would see to it that justice is done and that you’re punished and the Bible says that ‘God is a holy righteous judge, who hates sin and is angry with the wicked every day.’ So this is what you need to understand, you see God is the judge of all the universe, He’s a just judge and in God’s eyes you’re a guilty criminal because you‘ve transgressed His Law a multitude of times. So you have sinned, you’ve angered God with your sin, the Bible says that ‘you are an enemy of God in your mind through wicked works,’ by nature you’re a ‘child of wrath’ and Jesus said that ‘God’s wrath, or His fierce anger, abides upon you.’ So since you have sinned and made yourself an enemy of God, when you stand before the just Judge on Judgment Day,
you’ll get what you deserve, the Holy hatred of God and the Bible says you’ll end up in hell forever. Now that’s not an easy thing to say, you don’t make friends by saying that, but it’s the truth, even if you don’t believe it, it’s still true, it’ll still happen anyway, no matter what you believe. The Bible makes it very clear, that you’re eternal destiny will not be heaven, but a place called hell. The Bible warns that ‘all liars will have their part in the lake of fire and that no thief, no blasphemer, no fornicator, (those who’ve had sex before marriage), no adulterer or murderer will inherit Gods kingdom.’ So hell is a reality, God will have His day of justice and He’ll punish sin wherever it’s found, right down to every idle word that mankind speaks. So can you see the trouble that you’re in, that you have a multitude sins and that you’re weighed in the balance of eternal justice and found wanting? Can you see that if you died in your sins and God gave you justice you’d end up in Hell? lf you can, does it concern you? (sort of) Well it should concern you
because there’s nothing more valuable than your own life is there? I mean just think for a moment about how much you value your own eyes, so how much more then should you value the salvation of your own eternal soul. Jesus warned us that God in his anger would cast all who sin against Him ‘into eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels’ and that all who die in their sins ‘will be cast into outer darkness, where there’ll be weeping and gnashing of teeth,’ ‘where the worm never dies, and the fire is not quenched,’ and the Bible also says that the final eternal destiny of the sinner, ‘will be tormented with fire and brimstone, and the smoke of their torment will forever and ever, and they’ll have no rest day or night. So you should be deeply concerned about it …… (yes I am) I mean I don’t want you to go to Hell, that’s why I’m out here today warning you about it. I’m sure you don’t want to go there, you have a will to live don’t you (yes) and also did you know that God doesn’t want you to go there either. It’s not His will that any should perish. This same Holy, Righteous, God who condemns us, who the Bible calls ‘the Judge of all the earth,’ is also amazingly loving, gracious and compassionate and very rich in mercy and God’s provided a way for you where you can be forgiven, and where you can get right with Him before the Day of Judgment. So do you know what God did for you so that you wouldn’t have to go to hell? (no, what did He do?)
Well God did something truly amazing, so listen carefully if you want to live. This is what He did, He sent His Son to take your punishment. 2000 years ago in the land of Israel, God sent His one and only Son Jesus Christ, who was made of a women and born of a virgin, to suffer and die on the cross to take the punishment and pay the penalty for your sin, so that you could be free from His anger on Judgment Day and by doing this the Bible says that ‘God commended His love towards us, God demonstrated His love towards us in that while we were yet still sinners Christ died for us.’ It was as substitutionary payment, we broke God’s Law, but Jesus Christ the perfect sinless Son of God, paid our fine in His life’s blood, so that we could be found innocent and leave the courtroom, it’s as simple as that. So Jesus Christ satisfied all the demands of eternal justice, that means that God can now legally dismiss your case and allow you to live, because of what Jesus did on the cross. He was buried, then He rose from the grave on the 3rd day and conquered death for all of us, so that God can grant you the free gift of everlasting life.

But just as you can not earn a gift, in the same way you definitely cannot earn eternal by your own good works. You can’t be saved through their own goodness, there is nothing you can do to ever merit eternal life, it can come only as a gift, by the grace of God. We can’t be perfect, but by accepting this gift, it makes us perfect in God’s sight and we are now free to enter heaven and receive the free and unmerited gift of everlasting life and it’s the greatest gift and treasure that you could ever possibly hope to get. Now isn’t that good news! .…. Do you think that’s good news? .… Is that good news or what?
..… That’s what the ‘Gospel’ means, it means ‘good news.’ So can you the wonderful thing that God has done for you? Can you understand that God in His incredible love and compassion towards us has provided through the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the only possible way of escape for you. Guilty though you are, you can be cleansed and totally forgiven of every sin you’ve ever committed and you can now have peace with God and boldness on the Day of Judgment. So God offers you the complete forgiveness of every sin you've ever committed, plus the assurance of salvation, as well as the free gift of everlasting life, if you’ll surrender everything to Him, through faith in Jesus Christ. So what must you do then to partake in God’s mercy, to have the forgiveness of sins and to receive God’s free gift of everlasting life? Well the Bible says, that there are two things you must do.
First of all you must repent,
God doesn’t ask you to consider His plan for your life, He commands you to repent. It’s an old fashion word that you hardly ever hear being mentioned these days, it means ‘to have a change of mind, to turn around and start living a different way.’ It means to turn from your sins. It’s more than just saying God I’m sorry, it means God I’m sorry and I’ll never do it again. Don’t just confess you sins to God or a priest, confess and forsake them. That’s the attitude of true Biblical repentance. And the second thing you must do, is put your trust in Jesus Christ for your eternal salvation. Don’t just believe in Jesus interlectually, I mean I believed in Jesus before I was a Christian, but put your faith in him, in the same way that you would trust yourself to a parachute before you jump out of an aeroplane, you don’t just believe in a parachute you put it on, you put your faith into it, you trust yourself to it and that’s what you must do with the Savior. The Bible says that ‘today is the day of salvation’ and that ‘now is the acceptable time.’ That means get right with God today, because you may not have tomorrow. Realise that every single day 150,000 people die, they pass from time, into eternity and today you could die or I could die. You may not see the sunset tonight, you could get swept away in a flood or you could get crushed to death in an earthquake. The next car you get into could be your coffin, or you could have a heart attack and die in your sleep tonight. Now of cause you don’t believe that, and I don’t believe that, and no doubt the 150,000 people who died yesterday, didn’t believe it either. So if you are still in your sins,
and I suspect that most of you are, I’m warning and pleading with you today to come to your senses and get right with God while you still can, don’t put it off until tomorrow, tomorrow may be too late, please obey the Gospel today, don’t just say you’ll give some thought, obey the command, and the moment you do that, the moment you repent and trust in Jesus Christ alone to save you, and the moment you do that, the moment you repent and trust in Jesus Christ, you have God’s promise, not my promise, you have God’s promise you’ll pass from death to life, you’ll come out of darkness into the light, from the power of Satan to God and God will change you from the inside out and make you a new person in Jesus Christ. The things you once loved you’ll now hate, and the things you once hated you’ll now love, it’s such a radical thing that the Bible says that ‘if any man be in Christ he is a new creature, old things are passed away, behold all things have become new.’ It’s what the Bible calls being ‘born again’ and Jesus said. ‘You must be born again before you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’ So do you understand what I’ve told you, God sets before you a way of life and a way of death and He says,’ choose life and live.’ So can you remember the two things you must do, to partake in God’s mercy, to have the forgiveness of sins and to receive God’s free gift of everlasting life? Repent and …… what else? ……. Repent and trust …
…. That’s the word I was looking for. Repent and trust in Jesus Christ alone to save you. The Bible says that ‘God is rich in mercy to all who call upon Him’ and ‘whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.’ So will you call upon the name of the Lord and seek Him while He may be found? Are you willing to confess your sins to God, turn from and trust the Savour for your eternal salvation? If you are, then get down on your knees today, cry out to God for mercy and ask God to forgive you, confess your sins to God, turn from them and then tell God you’re placing your trust in Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of your life, you’re surrendering your heart to Him. After you’ve prayed I’ll pray for you. Don’t worry about the people walking past, it’s between you and God. (right)
God be merciful to me a sinner, I’ve violated your Commandments and I’m worthy of Hell, please forgive me. God I thank you that Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross in my place, rose again on the 3rd day and defeated death, and I now repent and turn from my sin, and place my trust in Him as my Lord and Savior. In Jesus name. Amen.

Allow the person to have a few moments on their knees in God's presence, as they repent and grieve over their sin. Then make sure the person has a Bible (get him one if necessary) and encourage him to read it daily and obey what he reads. Also, encourage him to get into a Bible-believing, Christ centered Church and to tell other people the ‘Good News,’ of how they too can find everlasting life through Jesus Christ. If the person doesn’t ask you to pray with him, let him go on his way, but encourage him to think deeply about your conversation and to get his heart right with the Lord as soon as possible. You can then leave him in the hands of a faithful God, who will continue to speak to him through His Holy Spirit and bring him to a place of genuine repentance in His time.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and may God bless you in all you are doing to seek & save the lost. Blessings from Ewan Hulse.

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