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Updated 2006

Vance Ferrell

This book is based on extensive research
and is highly recommended by scientists and educators


PREFACE: A Treasure House of Information The origin of this book and how to use it

1 - History of Evolutionary Theory How modern science got into this problem.

2 - The Big Bang and Stellar Evolution Why the Big Bang is a fizzle and stars cannot evolve out of gas.

3 - The Origin of the Earth Why the Earth did not evolve out of a molten state.

4 - The Age of the Earth Why the Earth is not millions of years old.

5 - The Problem of Time Why long ages cannot produce evolutionary change.

6 - Inaccurate Dating Methods Why the non-historical dating techniques are unreliable.

7 - The Primitive Environment Why raw materials on earth cannot produce life.

8 - DNA and Protein Why DNA and protein could not be produced by random chance.

9 - Natural Selection Why natural selection only makes changes within species.

10 - Mutations Why mutations cannot produce cross-species change.

11 - Animal and Plant Species Why the species barrier cannot be broken.

12 - Fossils and Strata Why the fossil/strata theory is a hoax.

13 - Ancient Man Why there is no evidence humans have evolved from anything.

14 - Effects of the Flood What actually happened after the Flood.

15 - Similarities and Divergence Why similar structures are not an evidence of evolution.

16 - Vestiges and Recapitulation You have no useless or unnecessary structures inherited from earlier life-forms.

17 - Evolutionary Showcase The best examples of evolution have proven worthless.

18 - The Laws of Nature The laws of nature oppose the evolutionary theory.

19 - Evolution, Morality, and Violence Evolutionary theory is ruining modern civilization.

20 - Tectonics and Paleomagnetism The truth about plate tectonics and paleomagnetism.

21 - Archaeological Dating Egyptian, and other, dates correlate archaeological finds with the Bible.

22 - Evolutionary Science Fiction Fabulous fairy tales which only tiny children can believe.

23 - Scientists Speak Evolutionary scientists say the theory is unscientific and worthless.

24 - Utterly Impossible Things evolution could never invent.

25 - Latest Evolutionary Crisis

26 - Summary of the Anthropic Principle

27 - Big Bang Creationism

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