Corinna's Testimony


Before I tell you about how I became a Christian I just want to say that my parents did the best they knew how.

I went to Sunday school at some event at church when I was about 5 or 6. I remember coming home and praying for God to prove that Jesus was true. I remember asking him to make our summer very dry and winter very wet. I even told him the amount of days that rain was allowed to fall in summer and how many days were allowed to be dry in winter. I experienced a very dry summer and a very wet winter that following year. (I didnít bother counting the days). I decided that following year that Jesus was true.

I believe my mum was a Christian because she made sure we had books around about Jesus. I can only pray that my dad will turn to Christ. When I was growing up I quickly realised that Christianity was not particularly popular including within my own family. Grace was said at the dinner table and it ended up being mocked quite strongly. Grace being said ended after about 1 week.

I can remember being sent to Sunday school after school on Mondays for several weeks. Most of what I remember is the teasing you receive from other children. But one teacher gave us The New Testament Bible at the end of a term. I used to read it and then hide it so no one knew I was reading it. I learnt quickly how to hide what I believed in.

When I left home, the day after I left school I didn't stop believing but I chose to follow my peers and it was at this time I felt furtherest away from God. I imagined him as a being someone who could wave his magic wand to make everything OK. I have also delved into New Age stuff such as fortune telling and Tarot Card reading. I didn't realise how sinful God saw it until several years later. My family believed in this stuff and didnít see it as bad and still don't.

One big influence on my Christianity was my friend Deborah. She was one of the few Christians that I knew that lived Christianity in everything she did. Until I met Deborah I was quite content avoiding making Christian friends so I would not be labeled 'one of themí. I wish now that I hadn't walked away from so many friendships that I could have had.

My mum died in 1997 from cancer. Six years later two Mormon missionaries knocked at our door. I told them I already had a faith. After a little bit of discussion I was challenged to share my faith with them. The first discussion was arranged. Further on a discussion about baptism was arranged. I had always believed baptism was essential for salvation. I had been sprinkled as a baby. The two missionaries asked me to read a chapter in Moroni that covered infant baptism. After reading this I actually agreed with their logic. The Mormon Church would have also made it possible for not just myself and my children to be baptized but also my mum by proxy at the temple.

When I went into the Mormon Church I had not much idea what was biblical. Before I joined the church I had also been told at school by a teacher how the bible was not translated correct and due to cultural influences was not completely inspired by god. I found this helped accept the lie of Mormonism.

When I finally left I had strong doubts and did question my beliefs. Mit did answer several questions. Through study of the reliability of the bible doubts did go.

One verse of the bible that influenced me greatly was Romans 10:9

'That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.'

I realised then that I should turn away from what I had learnt as a child and be a witness for Jesus. It wasn't until I decided to act upon this verse that I could honestly say I was walking with Jesus. The first time I did this was Dec 29th 2004. Despite my fears as a child I don't find this difficult anymore. I have a lot to learn about Christianity but I do trust in Jesus.

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