Beverly's Testimony


Hi my name is Beverly. I would like to share some of my life story and Christian walk with you. I was blessed to be brought up in a Christian home, but that does not mean it was all plain sailing nor a bed of roses for me, even so looking back from where I am now Godís hand was on me all the way.

My earliest memories are those of going to Church and Sunday school three times on a Sunday being pushed along in a buggy by my Mum. My Mumís parents were also strong Christians from the early days back in England.

There were many scary, frightening, life threatening and horrible things that happened to me right throughout my life from a very early age.

But I can praise the Lord because He was there to deliver me from the hand of the enemy each time!!! I often used to wonder why all these things happened to me. I now believe I was a target for the enemy for various reasons and because I was passionate even fearless to go around witnessing and sharing about Jesus and helping people even as a young child.

How many times my poor Mum was faced with transporting literally dozens of children I had rounded up from the neighbourhood to Sunday school to church and home again.

I made my decision to become a Christian at age 10. This was at a childrenís holiday programme run by a young guy who led me to the Lord. My mum previously had led him to the Lord; he went on to become a missionary to India.

I was and still am passionate about missions, prayer and revival. As a young adult I rebelled a bit but quickly came to realise which side of the fence I would rather be on, (Godís side.) Most of my adult life has been one of deep involvement in the things of God. The highlights of my week are, meeting with God, sharing with whoever God brings across my path, prayer group and mixing with international students.

I am privileged to have been on several short term overseas missions and outreaches.

Praise the Lord,

Jesus is the Lover of my soul,

The Holy Spirit leads me closer to Jesus,

Godís Word is His love letter to me

Jesus is the example for us to follow.

I will leave you with two quotes which I love.

Hours spent with the Father make seconds spent with people more effective.

All word only and you will dry up,

All spirit only and you will blow up,

But balance of both and you will grow up!!

I look forward with great anticipation and excitement to the days that lay ahead and to see what God has in store for me so I can better be used by Him to bless others, and help grow the Kingdom.

Much Love In Jesus,


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