Ben's Testimony


I went to see a friend of mine who was a beautician at some Beauty Salon in Miami Beach, and while I was waiting for him to get done combing out the lady in his chair his boss, an older woman, came over and sat next to me with one of those monster size Bibles, and she began getting on my nerves with telling me about the bible. I called to my friend to please hurry up, and get me out of this fix. The next thing I knew it had become late in the evening, the place was closing, when I went reeling out the door of the Salon. I had that big Bible in my hands and another book by 'Larkin'. When I got to my car I found 4 parking tickets on my windshield. I sobered up from the high I was on and realized that I had been in that Salon for 5 hours; my friend had gone home - I was told. He was never able to pull me out of the Trance I was in. I had gone there at about 1 PM and now it was close to 7PM. I just coudn't believe I was there that long. It seemed like it was a half hour. I went to my hotel room, and quickly pulled out the Gedian's bible from the draw of the night table, and started to compare IT, from the big bible I was given. I thought it was different one, but sure enough they were the same. I laid on the bed, and got hung up reading the big bible, and it seemed that I was in another one of those Trances. My room seemed to lose its' walls, and I felt like was taken to outer space. The most impressive matter of it all was that I knew for the first time in my life that God was real - I mean God was really REAL!!! I was astounded, stupefied, outragiously beside myself to come to KNOW that God was truely REAL, and that I knew it. I thought I was a rare creature to know this, out of everyone on earth. Suddenly, what I thought was the sun setting in the late evening, was really daybreak. It seemed like I had only come back to my hotel room, and sat on the bed to read, and that was a little after 7 PM. It was now about 7 AM. I refused to believe it. Where had I been for almost 12 hours? I took a quick shower, and got back to that Salon, went right past my friend, and looked for one who had been my friends boss - I had learned. I remember thinking "Who was this 'old bag' annoying me", yesterday. But when I saw her in the back, washing out the color from one of her patrons, I ran up to this most beautiful angel, and hugged her. The hose that she had in her hand, rincing out the head of her patron, was splashing all over the place - I got soaked, so did the custoner. When she was free, we got to talk, and the first thing I asked her was: Who else knows what we know??? I really believed that we were the only two at Miami Beach to know this fantastic miracle; that we were privileged.

She asked me to meet her after work, that she would take me to meet some others. I was there to meet her on time, and she took me to this great big house in an exclusive residencial area of Miami Beach, and when I walked in there were about 80 - 100 people there. Each and everyone came up to me with a smile, and hugged me, and saying "I'm so glad you came." I thought I was in shangri-la. All their faces shown like a spotlight was on them. After everyone had greeted each other, we all sat down in a large room (to hold all those people) and someone close to where I sat stood up and said 'Let us pray'. Well, this man prayed so fervently, and to my heart, and his words were like nothing I had ever heart before; I thought he was reading it. But when I cracked my eyelids to look over to him, his eyes were closed and his face was facing toward the ceiling. I thought he was an angel in disguise. I had never heard any prayers like the way this man prayed - even till today. When he was done, the owner of the house, a well-to-do lawyer, came up to the podium and gave a message that I drank every drop of. I had never heard people who spoke and said the things that were said there. This began a new life for me. I had several of these men as my mentors in my early days. Sadly, they are all home with the Lord.

That was March 18, 1960. I was 30 years old then. I have never come down from that mountain peak, never, but have gone up to higher ground. There is not a day when I am not in touch with my Lord; never have backslidden. I am often confused by others who are not as I am. I just don't understand how someone can come to KNOW THE LORD, and not be cognizant of Him each and every day - every hour - every moment??? How can these things be?

It may have been 40 years ago, but it was yesterday. Thank you, Lord, and praise you. I love you.

Your Servant
In a moment,
Only a moment,
Nothing else will matter anymore.

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