Angel50_nz's Testimony



I grew up in a very loving family who had a strong faith I was married at 19 and had 9 years of marriage and 3 beatiful children which I give thanks to God for.I was divorced after that and it was in the grieving period that Jesus really started to work in my life.I always knew he was with me and had learnt all about him in my formative years But when things go wrong we get angry with God for letting these things happen to us and that is were I went to--had to deciede did I really want Jesus in my life at all---felt so alone--did not know how I was going to bring up 3 children on my own.It is only when the knowledge we have about Jesus goes from head knowledge to heart knowledge that Jesus can really work in our lives.I went to church every Sunday ---the only thing that stayed the same when my whole world had blown apart.I had a lot of family support but was depressed and grieving for about 2 years but gradually with God's help made a recovery and yes I did deciede to keep this man called Jesus in my life and over the 2 years he became a friend confidant and became a real part of my life I eventually got a job when the kids where at school. In 1998 I had a job in an alzheimers unit as a recreation provider which I really loved but had to give up because of my health. Again another grief period--and did not understand why this had to happen--The children had all left home and I was told I had asthma I was calling the ambulance on average about 2 times a week going into Intensive care----once I even stopped breathing----and all through this time I put my life in Jesus hands it was such a comfort to know that he was taking care of me----it did not stop me feeling frightened---that is the human side but the knowledge of Jesus dwelling in my soul was such a comfort----and when I stopped breathing I saw what heaven was like such a brilliant white light with such love and acceptance ---I saw Jesus and he told me I had to go back there was work on earth I still had to do ---I did not want to come back here. I was in hospital one night and went to the T.v.lounge because my legs were really sore and I decieded to sleep in a chair I was making myself comfortable it was 3 am in the morning-and into the lounge walked a woman who was really upset--she began to tell me about herself and we spent hours together and she shared her journey with Jesus then we both ended up praying together --she thanked me and went back to her bed-----I had no idea any of that was going to happen. I was in hospital another time and I was asleep in the middle of the night and had a real knowing that I had to go accross the passage and pray with a man in the room. The nurses had told me he was in a comma and would not last the night----I waited until there was no nurses arround and went into his room and prayed for him-----then I went back to bed--In the morning this man was sitting up eating breakfast.Praise God!! So always remember our dissapointments are God's appointments!! I am an empty vessel that is filled with the love of Jesus and whatever he chooses to do through through me all glory must always go back to Jesus.My life now is to spread the love of Jesus to everyone we meet----everyday is a new day filled with freedom kindness love strength joy peace all is yours to have and spread into the lives of the people that cross youre path---CAN YOU DO THIS FOR JESUS?? Through my divorce and illnes I have been given so much I would not change any of it So remember no matter how bad things look----JESUS IS ALWAYS WITH YOU NO MATTER WHAT!!! I hope what I have shared has helped you the reader.

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