EX 2X2 Kathy Lewis's Testimony

EX 2X2 Kathy Lewis

We were helped by real Christians while we were 2x2s because they did not know we weren’t Christians. They simply were friendly and assumed we were as interested in Christian topics as they were. And of course, we were….but we were different.

Most 2x2s look down on real Christians as followers of the devil and they would never allow the Christians to share sermons or books or talk about their faith. But we wanted to draw the Christians to meetings so we were friendly. And in the course of being friendly we began to learn things we didn’t know. We started listening to Christian radio and after five years of living on the edge, loving Christians we met and realizing they were better friends than our 2x2 friends, we finally found the key to what was wrong….And it was doctrine. If you don’t get to the basics of the faith….Doctrine and the definitions of words of the faith, you can never help someone who is lost in a cult.


Do you know of anyone that has had a invite to a 2x2 meeting ? Where they given a card invite etc ?
Did they come to there home ?
Did they come to a church to invite them ?
Did they say come to our gospel meeting in a home or in a church hall ?
Did they say they were Freemasons or say they use Masonic buildings for gospel and special meetings ?

For more info http://www.2x2church.com/resources.php

Our whole life changed when we were born again. We were set free of fear, guilt, the bondage of legalism, the condemnation of false teachers, the shunning, the lying, the covering up of all their immorality and their phony history. Instead of always feeling depressed, we were filled with the Joy of eternal life. Mind control takes a long time to recover from.

So, friendliness goes where preaching cannot.

Kathy Lewis

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