Take Just a Jot of time to Jack at this. I want in this to do J Justice. J is a
very good letter, if not just the best by miles. J is for Jump, J is for Jog. I
like to Jump, I like to Jog (well run any way). J is for Jug, and J is for
Juice. J is also for Jockeys. Hmmm... I think I would like to do some Jumping
and go for a Jog, Jrink some Juice from a Jug; all in my Just my Jockeys,
(Joking about the Jockeys). I'll be back in a Jiffy. I Just save my Jottings,
and Jump to it...........I'm back from my Jumping, Jogging, and Jrinking. In
fact I Jumped a fence, a hedge and fence in the same Jump, after that I Jumped
a apricot and Jinger Jam Jar. The Juice was Jolly good. J is also for Junk, but
Junk is some times good for Jropping in Jrum and making a bomb fire. J is also
for Jobs, but Jobs can be good, like you can some times give them to your
younger brother, and then you feel good because you got out of a Job, (Just
kidding). J is also for Jaffer, I don't really like Jaffers, but if I had some
I could use them for ammo for my shang-eyes, and they would be easier to find,.
also they Just might bust against a hard serfice. J is for Jokes, like this
one, 'What do you get if you try to Jump into a Jug of Juice? Your Jolly foot
stuck!'. I'm Just about out of space for my Jottings.Oh, yea, J is for Joy and
J is for Jesus. All these J's are making me Jittery, (Just Joking). J is for
Jaguar, for if you want to Jrive a cat, (I don't know why Jokers like to Jrive
Jaguars). I think I'll Jump down this bank. JERODDYMOW. Just about to Jurk to a
holt. MY FOOTS! I think I'll just stick to my day Job. - Joel