J Diary

|||= Diary =-

Friday July 14, 2006 \/
Put the slow cooker on, hadn't for days. Put some garlic in it.

Put bread on. A cup of coconut. Came out smaller. Put saltanas in too, also cinnamon.

Went for a walk. Up the lane, around 7 tree, down and along to lone totara tree, through creek cut, and back home.

Went for another walk, but in my shorts and t-shirt. Went the same way as the last walk.

Heated lastnights soup for lunch.

Dad's cell phone worked for a bit.

Took my camera with Timothys plastic tripod. Went down the freshly cut track, cut by a digger.

July 2006 \/
Packed my bag, went to Mangakino church (Tom Linds), with Dad. There was a speaker on about Rush-in poor children. Asked a family (Fraser) about staying with them. Went with Dad and got grow-sir-rees. Mrs. Lind gave me a book back, one I gave her. Went with the Fraser family, and Lon-nay came too. It was the school holidays.

One frosty misty morning. I went for a walk in my bare feet. On the way back, I found some of my hair got frosted. I wanted to take a photo, but it melted.

Followed two tractors. I would walk, and the tractors would get out ahead, then I would run, and catch up, and so on. I didn't go on foot all the back though.

Helped with a trough tap, had to hold the tap on, getting a cold hand and arm in the water.

Lon-nay and Gorge-ja made a small chocolate cake. It tasted alright.

Monday June 20,2006, \/
Got up late as use-all.
Put biscuits on, but had no butter, so used olive oil. They can be eaten, but Dad got another packet of bought biscuits and put them beside my burnt-looking-burnt-tasting biscuits. The lady from Heath Care, thought oil in baking was terrible, but she ate one.
Did dishes. Did 3 loads of washing.
Put aprecot(sp) bread on. It came out small. I dusted the cut aprecot(sp) pieces in flour, so they would get stuck in the dispencer.
The Health Care lady came. Set up dinner. Peas, mashed spud, and omlet(sp). I did carrot salad with flax seed oil, at dinner time.

Wednesday June 7,2006, \/
Put bread on at lunch time. Put carib in it, 3 table spoons. Also put coconut in it.
Lay down for a long time.
Went down the track with a tripod and a S2 camera. Notest smoke on one of the mountians, so I set up the camera to take shots automaticly of the smoke, while I continued down the track. Got to the end of the track, and tried to climb a tree. Did running. Walked back. The batteries had run out on the camera. Dad was comming up behind on the tractor. I think I smelt my bread on the track below the house. Smelt the bread again where I rinced my shoes.
Set the tripod up again, this time Mt. Rew-ha-pay-ho(sp).

Tuesday June 6,2006, \/
Took video of me getting bread ready to eat.

Monday May 22,2006, \/
Put 100% whole meal bread on.
Went up the bush for a walk, went over the hill and up the other side, and farther along. Would have gone farther, but didn't have enough time. It was misty at the top of the hill. Took video of a Tom Tit. I suppose it could have rained at any time, but I got home dry.
Lay in bed through lunch time. Didn't make anything for Dad.

Sunday May 21,2006, \/
Went to church, (Taumarunui Brethren). Alan had some thing to say. Had lunch there, so that's 3 chruch lunches in a row, for me and Dad.

Saturday May 20,2006, \/
Went for a walk with Alan and his wife Katherine(sp). We went down to the boat races place.
We did weeding in the garden. Pulled corn out. Katherine(sp) got a splinter. And so did I.

Friday May 19,2006, \/
Meat in the slower cooker, stops the other stuff from being tasteless.
Went for a long walk, (down the track and back). Mrs Gates came passed,(and waved) in a truck I hadn't seem before. Back at home, I lay down for a while.
Did some weeding. Stood in dog dropping twice, just hosed it off.
Helped Dad get the meat. Magpies eating white bread.
Typed some of my notes out in my Bible program.

Thursday May 18,2006, \/
Took my bike in, got the chain fixed. Then later took my bike in. Came back at five, and he said it needs a lot of work, so I left it there.

Wednesday May 17,2006, \/
Put the slow cooker on, meat makes the other food taste alright.
Read some of 'The Heavenly Man". He got his Bible in a red bread bag, he had been praying and fasting for one. He read his Bible every spare moment.
Baked some more peanut biscuits.
Pauleen(sp) gave us some water cress, delived by Jamie(sp).
They came out bigger than the last.
Put some bread on for Collard's, Dad said to.
Did a little bit of maths, and english.
Went for a run. Saw a tui at the apple tree up the lane.

Tuesday May 16,2006, \/
Ate my bread. Dad finished it off. I put some more bread on, this time I'm using high grade flour.
Went for walks. Found wood piled at the gate, so I ba