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The Truth Behind the Bible Code

The real story of the hidden knowledge in the books of Moses
By Dr. Jeffery Satinover

1st Published in 1997

Some names: Robert Kass, (Ph.D. Editor), Harold Gans, Elija Solomon, (Heb: Eliyah ben Shlomo), Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandl, Rabbi Eleazer of Worms, Rabbi Abraham ben Samuel Abulafia, Nicholas III, Martin IV

P4 -- ”Should you perchanc omit or add one single letter from the Torah, you would thereby destroy all the universe.”
P5 – Shortly after the Vilna Gaon made his starling claim in the mid-eighteenth century, the scientific revolution eruupted.
P6 – Scientists, statisticians, and mathematicians from Harvard, Yale, and Cernegie-Mellon universities sought to find its flaws; noe could.
P8 – Ironically, our modern development of these three domains—crptology, statistics, and machine computation—begaan in the ancint encodeing techniques of Jewish mystics who had first mentionsed codes in the Torah as long ago as the first century.
P12 – Weinberg asserted that learning Torah is chiefly about having fun.
P13 -- “Don't worry,” he reasured her, “if he finds the srudies too difficult he can always go back to neclear physics!” |_ -- Perpetually in a frenzy of motions, he easily could have maintained a second—or third—career as a stand-up comic.
P15 – And what were the implicatiuons for other religions?
P16 – What would it mean if the most radically fundamentalist-seeming of propositions, apparently linked most tight to but one faith, were preoven valid using the most rigorous means of science?|_ -- “prove” that Jesus isn't the Messiah. Such “negative proofs” were as badly done as the Christian “positive proofs.”
P24 – Like the fabled river Erethusa, which appears in one place then dives underground to appear again far away, so the mysterious Bible Code appears and disappears throughtout more than three thousand years of history.P20 – Much of what I cannot say now, and have left out of this book, is vey likely to see print quite soon, But what I can discuss now is astonishing enough.P21 – widely rumoured that during the Gulf War some kind of supersecret use had in fact been made of the codes by the Mossad. -w- hiatus -w-
P23 – to the He would surely have been amused to find out how the discision, and the freedom to make such a decision, had at the last come to me: during an extraordinarily intense period of prayer.
P24 – Like Like the fabled..
P25 -- If the If the letters of the Ten Utterences by wich the earth was created during the Six Days of Creation were to depart from it even for an instant, G-d forbid, it would revert to nught and absolute nothing ness, exactly as before the Six Days of Creation. -- Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-4812),
P28 |_ 'The 'The Holy One, blessed ber He, united His name with Abraham.'” (The Zohar—the sourcebook of kabbalah whose roots go back to the first centyry of the common era—has myuch more detailed explanation of exactly how God accoumplished this, explaining the sequence of complesx letter permutations via an ancient method called Atbash.
P29 |_ *For *For consistency, final forms of Hebrew letters are not used. These forms have no beraing on the meaning of a text, but simply aid in the reading word breaks when the text is read in the usual way. Thus, the final m sound (the letter mem) in both Abraham and Elohim would be written? instead of ?. In the same way, we are not using upper-case letters at the beginning of a proper English nouns or names, but only to tranliterate the corresponding Hebrew letters.
P31 |_ If If you can determine how unlikely it is that a given pattern can arisde by chance, you have your answer as to how likely it is that the stuucture is deliberate. |_ Now, Now, what if you found three quarters, all cluster of coins all close to one another> Still, it seems more likely that someone dropped a cluster of coins by accident, than that they put them there. P32 |_ There There is one other point we should hightlight. That an event didn't happen by chance does not alway mean that is was deliberate. Another possibliltiy is osme kind of impersonal mechanical order. The fact that there are so many e's in this paragraph was not deliverate on my part: |_ - Upon Upon this basis I am going to show you how a buch of bright young folks did find a champion: a man with boys and girls of his own; a man of so domination and happy individuality that Youth is drawn to him as is a fly to a sugar bowl. It is a story about a small town. It is not a gossipy yarn; nor is it a dry monotonous account, full of such customary "fill-ins" as "romantic moonlight casting murky shadows down a long, winding cuntry road," - There is not a single e in this passage.P39 |_ Ribs entered the Samaritan version.. The results were again startling: twenty-two of the twenty-five "Aarons" found in the Jewish Jewish Torah disappeared; seven new ones took their place of a total of ten. This number is within one "standard deviation" of the mean expected number. P45 |_ Underlying underlying Change "color" to "colour," and everything that follows is shifted one letter out of sequence. (UP2 in notebook pg 47) P47 |_ Rabbi Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki (Rashi: Solomon ben Isaac), the great thirteenth-centurycommentator warned, "The Lord your God is Emet, the 'true reality.' If you write Emet without the first letter, you destroy the world." |_ a . ; to ensure the future generations perhaps thousands of years from now will have access to exactly the same words and letters. |_ the . For most of our history, written records—the very essence of a civilization—were highly perishable, unless laboriously carved into stone. P48 |_ ter . Library at Alexandria was destroyed by fire in the late third century A.D. |_ its . But that the very letters were dictated by God for a reason. All the hedges that bounded the Jewish scribes' activities can be seen as a set of "fail-safe" techniques mesnt to esnure absolute accuracy at the letter-to-letter level. The Jewish tradition in regard to letter-level accuracy is so ancient that its origins go back to a time preceding the earliest scholarly evidence. P53 |_ the . The King James Version. It has remained unchanged—at the word level—for nearly five hundred years. (Recently there have been a spate of King James-based alernate translations, but this is a very new phenomenon.) |_ This . Why such obsession with letter-level perfection? P54 |_ Because . Because the Torah reveals God's will to man, it was given letter by letter . . . [E]ven the most seemigly trivial . . . variations . . . can teach many lessons to the per5son who is willing to explore its depths |_ ous, . Oddly, a set of sixty-four marble and granite tablets with the entire Book of Ezekiel carved in raised letters, laid out in a square gird, and also written in scripta continua, was discoved in Iraq during Israek's War for Independence. P57 – way, . the codes were but one face of a dazzlingly multifaceted jewel with depths beyong understanding (UP2 in notebook pg 50) 16/06/05 |> P71 |_ - 24 hour days creation |_ that . Genesis, in short, is not simple a description; it is the very instrument of the act of creation itself, a blueprint in the mind of God made manifest in physical form. (UP2 in notebook pg ¾ 50) P73 |_ made . It was this hymility, more than anyting else, that led the librarian to treat Rabbi Weissmandl with the highest respect. P74 |_ unfettered . In the end, his aim was not mere “enlightenment,” but to uncover the ineffable mystery of character—that it might be taught. P75 |_ papal . Angelo Roncalli, later Pope John XXIII |_ Torah is the quintessential expressionof God's immeasurebale knowledge.
P|_ Torah . Torah is the quintessential expression of God's immeasureable knowledge. |_ templates . the advance of time is not so much the sharp linear flight of an arrow, but a seriesof repting loci on a rising helix. |_ unchanging . To learn the templatre is to make present both past and furure; to study sacred history is to see the eternal in the mundane.
P83 |_ What . What makes it eerie is the while this length of the lunar cycle differs slightly from other ancient calculations, it is identical to modern scientific estimates and within two parts in 1 millioin to values obtainable only by satllite:
P92 |_ nent . The points is this: The Renaissannce recieved from the ancient kabbalists not the secret of making gold out of lead in the world of matter, but of make sense of out of nonsence, in the world of mind.